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After four consecutive years of sold-out Cringe Worthy shows raising over $115,000,
JF&CS Emerging Leaders is proud to present a spectacular concert with Dwayne Gretzky.
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the details

Dwayne Gretzky’s high-energy nostalgia trips recall the serendipity of flipping through the radio dial, and the joy of coming together en masse to celebrate and sing along to the best songs ever written. Dwayne Gretzky will draw more than 800 young professionals in their 20s and 30s who are looking to have a great night while giving back to the community.  ​

the cause: 
Levelling the Playing Field

Proceeds from the event will provide youth with the opportunity to experience recreational and educational pursuits equal to those of their peers. This can include access to computers, textbooks, art and music lessons and more. Typically, these are youth who come from financially struggling families, have mental health challenges, or are current and former foster care youth.


Your support ensures that each child and teen has the chance to develop the skills and confidence to lead a successful, healthy and happy life. 

donate today and support the event

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about the band

Dwayne Gretzky is a live music collective celebrating the greatest songs of all time. Transcending both era and genre, this prodigiously talented group of Toronto musicians captivates audiences with a masterfully curated tour of artists from both the classic and modern pop canon.

Want to hear their stuff? Click here for live footage of the band.

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